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Not Enough Hot Water Lately?

A water heater which is too small is normally the reason why you never seem to have sufcient hot water. When the problem is bad, or your needs have increased, then you will not need water heater repair, you will basically have to install a larger water heater, or invest in a tankless water heater, which supplies hot water on demand.


Water Heater Repair Tips in Durango, CO

However, should you have had enough hot water, but have noticed recently that your water heater is not supplying enough hot water, try checking the dial on your water heater to see if it had been set below a certain temperature, if not continue reading our water heater troubleshooting advice.

Please note, when exterior temperatures have dropped greatly, your water heater needs to work twice as hard to maintain the inbound cold water, and the water does cool as it passes through the pipes which run to your taps. This, however, is a simple x, just change the water heater’s temperature dial to slightly higher, a heating contractor explains. Also, check to see your water heater does not have a leak somewhere, check around the base for any water marks, should this not be the case, try ushing your water heaters tank to remove any mineral deposits, as these greatly reduce your water heater’s efciency.


Plus, test the temperature-pressure valve, this stops the pressure from building up in your boiler. Raise or lower the handle, your water should drain out of the overflow pipe. When this does not work, you may have to replace this valve.

Call our Water Heater Repair Contractor in Durango, CO now!

When the above does not work, the dip tube which brings in the cold water to your tank could be broken or damaged. This is there to direct cold water to the bottom of a water heater tank, however, when if it breaks or splits, the cold water will pour in at the top of the tank and mix with the hot water which is being carried by the hot water pipes.

If you would like to know more about our water heater repair services, call Whatley Heating and Cooling Construction on (970) 903-2000 now, we are in Durango, CO.

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