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  • For Serious AC Problems, Leave It in the Hands of Experts
    Hiring Your Local HVAC Contractor Can Lead to Comfort Air conditioners should be maintained on a regular basis to ensure optimal cooling and performance. Because the summer season is fast approaching, it’ll be wise to schedule a routine AC maintenance and checkup with your trusted HVAC contractor. Regularly scheduled AC maintenance offers numerous benefits. It could ensure that your home remains functional and comfortable during the summer season. Here are 4 other great reasons why you should call professional AC repair technicians: Increase in the unit’s lifespan. One of the foremost benefits of regular maintenance is that it helps address problems and issues that can result in serious damage to the system. Additionally, routine inspection of the system ensures that the air conditioner and heater undergo less wear and tear during peak seasons. This will contribute to prolonging the system’s lifespan by a few of years. Improved indoor air quality. An air conditioner or heater that’s not regularly maintained could contribute to the growth of mildew and mold. These environmental contaminants pose a health threat to your family. Besides, the presence of airborne pollutants in the air, it can result in a serious allergic reaction. Investing in a routine inspection can help make sure that your family isn’t exposed to those airborne pollutants. Find the right HVAC contractor for this task. Reduced need for repairs. Routine AC inspection also reduces the frequency of future repairs. In addition to that, preventive maintenance helps resolve critical problems that if left unattended can lead to major damages to the system. Scheduling a regular inspection will help you save a huge amount of money avoiding repairs. In general, routine inspection prevents minor problems turning into serious ones that can be financially difficult to resolve. Results in energy-efficiency. Well-maintained units are more energy-efficient avoiding the excessive consumption of electricity. In contrast, poorly maintained units will work hard to maintain the set temperature of a home. This will lead to increased energy usage that affects the monthly utility bill budget. Furthermore, it will lead to increased wear and tear of the unit, causing the need for frequent repairs. If you’re looking for an HVAC contractor in the Durango or Cortez area, you have only to call Whatley Heating and Cooling at (970) 903-2000.
  • Trusted HVAC Contractor for Impeccable HVAC Cleaning Services
    Managing an office or commercial space is not a piece of cake because you need to make sure that your guests and employees feel comfortable. You need to ensure that the equipment and appliances are working properly, too! With this, what you can do is to clean your HVAC to get the quality indoor temperature and air condition that you need. But, when was the last time you’ve cleaned your HVAC systems? If you are unsure, then you should call a professional HVAC contractor like Whatley Heating and Cooling. Our experts will be able to clean your HVAC systems swiftly and efficiently. Cleaning the HVAC system should be done properly Your HVAC system is composed of vast components and parts that are complex to understand. If your not sure how to clean the system, it is best to leave it to the pros. Sure, you may think of cleaning an air conditioning unit or your ventilation a DIY task, but there are parts that should be cleaned accurately to make it function properly. You must also have the right cleaning materials and tools to get the job done right. If you want hassle-free, professional cleaners should be your first choice. Take note: avoid the inexperienced for the sake of low prices. We can clean your HVAC systems for you! Whatley Heating and Cooling is a reputable HVAC contractor that specializes in HVAC cleaning services. Our professionals are all licensed and certified, with time tested skills and experience. We ensure that basic procedures and methods are followed to avoid damage to your HVAC system, giving you peace of mind, too! Equipped with modern tools and materials, we can finish the job on time so you can utilize your entire HVAC system immediately. Plus, we offer our services with affordable packages! We provide free estimates so you can budget ahead of time! Are you looking for a professional HVAC contractor that provides cleaning services? If you are, Whatley Heating and Cooling is the company that you should turn to. Call us at (970) 903-2000 now for the specifics.
  • How to Choose the Best HVAC Repair, Contractor
    To continue from our last HVAC repair contractor blog. When you speak to HVAC contractors, try to explain exactly what your needs are, ask for quotes and warranty information. Most contractors will need to visit the site to determine what the best system or method of installation will be needed. Before signing any contracts, make sure you thoroughly review it first and make sure the installation or repair work is fully guaranteed and finished in a timely manner. It is helpful to ask what their experience and certifications are and if they are insured and bonded. For all your HVAC needs, contact Whatley Heating and Cooling Construction in Durango, CO today on (970) 903-2000.
  • If You’re Dealing with HVAC Problems, Call an Expert.
    Work with Your Heating Contractor to Enjoy These Advantages Finding a heating contractor seems easy enough. Some prefer to pick one based on the recommendation provided by a friend, co-worker, and family member. Other homeowners pick from the list of local air conditioning repair technicians found online. Not all AC repair technicians are experienced professionals and not all repair companies have a trusted reputation when it comes to business practices. Here are the reasons why you need their expertise and expert assistance. Ensures efficiency. When it comes to providing cool air to your property, keeping your unit running as efficient as possible is the goal. During the summer season, your unit is getting a lot of use! All of this use means that your unit is working hard and can use maintenance in order to help it do its job efficiently. Even if your unit is still cooling your property, it tends to work hard if it’s not properly maintained. Has cost savings. It’s common to think that is not necessary to spend extra money for AC maintenance. By scheduling routine and regular maintenance with your local heating contractor, you’re saving a huge amount of money in the long run. Well- maintained units will help you save on energy bills. If your AC is working too hard, you’ll be dealing with an expensive utility bill month after month. Optimal cooling. Giving your unit regular attention keeps it in excellent and optimal condition! This will not only help you minimize expensive repairs but prolong its lifespan, giving you more years of service before it’s time to replace your existing unit with a new one. Offers warranties. It’s awesome when the units are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, but not so great when you find out that the warranty is void because of the failure to maintain the unit on a regular basis. Most warranties require the homeowner to have the unit maintained regularly in order to keep the warranty intact. If you’re looking for a heating and cooling contractor, you should call Whatley Heating and Cooling at (970) 903-2000.
  • Signs of Heater Problems
    Signs That You Need a Heating Unit Repaired ASAP A freezing winter night is a terrible time to discover that your heating system needs to be replaced. However, it isn’t easy for the average homeowner to determine if their heating system needs repairing or replacing. This begs the question, “What are the signs that your heater needs fixing?” Odd Noises As a heating system gets older, it’ll sometimes make banging, squealing, and rattling sounds. Keep in mind that Units in tip-top shape shouldn’t create those noises. That means unusual sounds can be indicative of the system requiring help. Banging sounds could mean a problem with the motor or blower assembly. Odd squeals, on the other hand, can indicate an issue with the motor bearings. A loud rattle as the fan starts, meanwhile, is produced when the motor begins to fail. Higher Electricity Bill Having a less efficient heating system at home, and you’ll likely end up with a skyrocketing electric or gas bills. Sadly, the HVAC system (or furnace) diminishes in terms of efficiency as it ages. The reason for this is that the system has to run longer to heat the home to the desired temperature. This is especially true for older heating systems. That may be why you’ll want to think about upgrading to a highly efficient heating system sooner than later. Thermostat Needing Constant Adjustment Have you been adjusting the thermostat but not getting the right warmth for the room? The furnace may well be the culprit. In some cases, you might observe that some rooms feel chilly, but others are toasty warm. This might be the furnace not distributing warm air correctly. You’ll clearly need a heater repair when faced with this dilemma. Frequent Repairs If you’ve been replacing parts in your heating system several times in a span of a few weeks or months, you clearly need to replace your heating system. That or get a more capable heating contractor because the current one could be doing a poor job. Heating systems needing parts replaced could be taken as a sign that they are nearing the end of their life expectancy. If it’s a newly installed system, it probably was incorrectly installed. Are you in need of a heating repair? In that case, give Whatley Heating and Cooling a call at (970) 903-2000. Our team will be on standby to entertain your queries and process appointments.
  • How to Choose the Best HVAC Contractor
    A home or business owner that is looking for a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system to be installed or repaired will normally contact a professional HVAC contractor. Most people that need HVAC service, (more so for those that have never used one before), may have problems choosing the best company for the job. You can perform an Internet search in order to find HVAC contractors in your area, and ask about what their specialties and rates are. You can also try speaking to friends or business contacts to see who they would recommend. Lastly, when speaking with HVAC contractors directly ask them pertinent questions, such as how long they have been in business, and what their experience is? If you are in need of repair or installation, then call Whatley Heating and Cooling today at (970) 903-2000.
  • Is Investing in Routine HVAC Maintenance Helpful During Summer Months?
    Reasons Why Calling an HVAC Repair Technician Is Necessary Looking for an HVAC repair company isn’t that easy! Average homeowners based their choices on a recommendation provided by a family member, friend, or co-worker. Not all companies have an established reputation and not all are familiar with basic common business practices. Other homeowners base their decision on the list of local AC repair service companies gathered through an online search. Here are the 3 simple reasons why you need to call someone who is an expert in this field. Consistent cooling. During the summer season, it’s frustrating when your house when your house is cool and nice one minute and warming up the next. Or, if your bedrooms feel like an igloo, but other rooms are really hot! Inconsistent cooling is one of the side effects of an improperly maintained air conditioning or heating unit. When working properly, your AC unit will be consistently maintaining the desired temperature through all the rooms in your house, keeping you from running around like a madman trying to gain cooling stability. Well-maintained units keep your property cool and comfortable. Reduced repairs. Let your AC unit work without any type of preventative maintenance and you’re sure to deal with serious problems. Your local HVAC repair contractor will identify problems before they start or in most cases before it becomes more serious. Once your AC unit requires repairs, it’s likely that you’ll experience repairs more frequently. Prolonged lifespan. Your AC unit is a huge investment and you want to maintain that investment as long as you possibly can. Well-maintained units can have years of cooling capability versus an unkempt unit whose time may be cut short due to neglect. If you’re looking for an HVAC repair company, call Whatley Heating and Cooling at (970) 903-2000.
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